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Danville Independent Schools

History of DHS

Danville High School History

“Construction for the new school, named Danville High School started in 1917. From start to finish, the new facility was a very distinctive structure, designed by the renowned architectural firm of Perkins, Fellows and Hamilton of Chicago. It was known as the Tulsa Pan and considered by American educators as the best facility for high school students. It was often referred to as the Greenhouse because of its unique design.”

"To accommodate the enrollment increase from 800 to 1200 students, the district purchased property in 1924 adjacent to the high school on which a gymnasium, six classrooms and an athletic field were built at a cost of $35,000.”


“This facility served the Danville community until 1964.” “In an agreement with Centre College in 1960, The Danville Board of Education purchased the Kentucky College for Women property, located on East Lexington Avenue, at a cost of $100,000 and the Greenhouse property on College and Walnut streets. The East Lexington Avenue property would be home to a new Danville High School."  

“Centre College used the Greenhouse property until 1971 when it was demolished to make way for the Norton Center for the Arts.”




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