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Background information:

The Mixed Choir is a choir that combines both male and female voices (ranging from bass to soprano) in its songs and uses a large amount of music from different cultures, genres, and time periods in its performances. This choir practices its songs during the typical school day and has two to five main performances throughout the year (where the Treble Choir also performs.)

The Treble Choir is a choir which utilizes only female voices (ranging from soprano to alto) and, just as in the Mixed Choir, doesn't focus on one particular genre, time period, or culture, but works to encompass many different ones in its performances. This choir runs its practices during the school day, and, along with the Mixed Choir, normally performs two to five times throughout the school year.

Although not a requirement, a background in reading music, playing music, writing music or singing is helpful for anyone newly entering the choir program. Any students entering will learn more on the subjects of reading and singing music throughout the school year.