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Danville Independent Schools

Tech Theatre

Interested in learning how current technology is being used to support performances and events in the Danville High School Gravely Hall Performing Arts Center? Then the DHS Technical Theatre Club is for you! Students learn how to operate the lighting, sound, projection, fly and lift systems that support everything happening on-stage in Gravely Hall. Work with the Gravely Hall Technical Director and learn about designing and building the technical elements needed for every performance. Work with the Director of Arts Education to learn about producing events and performances. Students gain valuable work experience while building their resumes. The Tech Club also joins with the DHS Thespian Honor Society hosting social events and traveling to state-wide conferences. Officers are chosen at the beginning of the school year and we also host regular trainings on operating the technology basics needed to use the Gravely Hall Performing Arts Center. A new weekly meeting schedule is set every August. Ask Ms. Dewey  for more information. 


Student Workers in Tech Theater